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Posted by on Aug 20, 2017 in Auckland Tattoo Parlour |

How To Find The Best Tattoo Parlour In Auckland

Tattoos can be such an awesome idea! You can use them to express feelings and emotions or to remember your beloved ones. Anything is possible, provided that you find a good artist to design and make your tattoo. Choosing the right Auckland tattoo studio is one of the mandatory conditions for success. You should never settle for the first one yTattoo Studio in Aucklandou encounter, as comparisons may reveal you could have made a much better choice.

If you want to find the best tattoo parlor in Auckland, you can start your research by using your favorite search engine. Google, Bing, and Yahoo are all smart enough to know that you’re looking for local businesses, so you’ll probably get a big share of local results on the first page. From here, you can go on with checking out the websites of all these artists, in order to find the one who matches your personal style and preferences.

When it comes to tattoo experts, customer reviews are your best friends. These reviews are written by people who have used the services they talk about, so you can trust them to be genuine and informative. In addition, you can consult the work portfolio of artists you’ve already found in Google or in any other search engine for that matter. If you know what kind of tattoo you’d like, try to find works that are very similar to your creative idea. This will help you along the way, as you’re going to communicate much better with an artist who specializes in the very type of design you want. Moreover, as tattoos are very difficult to correct or to remove, you need to maximize your chances to get it right from the very first attempt. This means you should seek the services of skilled and experienced professionals, with many years of work and with hundreds of happy clients. All great experts have work portfolios you can take a look at, so don’t shy away from asking to browse through these images before making your final decision.


Auckland Tattoo ShopHygiene is another thing to look for when choosing the best tattoo facility. As these tiny needles penetrate the superficial layer of the skin, it is very important that everything is properly cleaned and disinfected. Working in a sterile environment is a must, as this is the best way to prevent post-tattoo infections.


Cleanliness is one of the most important things that you should look for in a tattoo shop. If a tattoo parlor is not clean, then you are risking yourself to infection. It’s best to visit a parlor while the artist is inking someone because you’ll see if the artist is doing the process right. The artist should dip the needle in a small container of ink enough for one customer. If he or she dips it in a large pot of ink, then it’s not a good indication for you.

The artist should also be wearing disposable latex gloves while inking a client. Also, notice whether the artist uses a sterile spreader to apply ointments instead of his or her hands. Most importantly, know whether the studio uses sterilized equipment or not. Good hygiene and a clean environment are essential when choosing the right tattoo parlor.

The Finished Product

While the cleanliness of the parlor is important, the finished product is also what you should be after when looking for the right tattoo shop. As a tattoo shop if you can watch while the artist is inking another customer. By doing this, you’ll have an idea about the quality of work that the artist can deliver. See for yourself if the artist uses and blends the right colors or creates feathery lines and not shaky ones.

The best tattoo parlor in Auckland should be the one that focuses on the client above all other things. You need to observe the cleanliness and the equipment as well, but when it comes to customer service, this can make a huge difference. Getting a tattoo for the first time in life is a highly emotional experience, so it is very important that you find support, patience, and understanding. This is what you should be looking for when you choose the place where you’re going to get tattooed. Auckland is a big city, so you’ll probably find more than one great artist to give you want you to want. Getting a tattoo is a big decision to make. It’s probably one of the biggest decisions you ever made. Choose wisely when looking for a shop. You can use these simple tips, so you’ll have the best experience and won’t regret your decision in the end.